Here she is...this is Jessie, with snow on her face. LOL

I guess I hesitated posting pictures of her....

After losing Toby her older brother from a different litter and then losing her other brother and litter mate Buddy as a baby, I was reluctant to allow Jess into my world, that's being honest. She had plenty of love around her here and I didn't feel the need to offer my heart on a platter just to get broken again, call me silly if you like. And she looks just like Toby, there was that daily reminder.

Funny thing happened though, along the way Jessie became her own dog, separate from Toby and even Buddy. Somehow this little turkey has wormed her way into my heart regardless of the walls I put up.

Jessie is loving, she is funny, she has character. In the house she behaves herself, never questioning boundaries we have in place, she is cooperative. Outside is a little different but we are working on it and when I see her trying to do what we ask, it makes my heart do stuff because she just wants to fit in here.

She came during a time of sadness and maybe we should have given it more time but we didn't because we didn't want her to go to another home. I kept my distance just being the care taker but that wasn't good enough for her, she wanted me to love her and she made that happen.

Through the tears and the fact that she looks just like Toby, Jessie has emerged and you know what? I really don't think of Toby when I look at her anymore, I see Jess, our over sized puppy and I love our puppy very much.

Jessie is a purebred Standard Parti Poodle, her Daddy is a Champion Show Dog and goes by the name
"Elvis" All Shook Up.
You can see him by following the link below...


And here is a link to Sisco's Distinctive Poodles where we got Jessie.


Jessie however, is a Mountain Dog and wouldn't have it any other way.


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