My Friend For Life

Cat Philosophy

Always lick after meals!

Learn the difference between idleness and repose: one wastes time, the other luxuriates in it.

Long naps never go out of fashion.

Let sleeping dogs lie - literally!

Get to know every view from every window in your home.

Begin each day with a long hard stretch.

Treat yourself to a nap in the sock drawer once in a while.

Own nothing and be owned by no one.

Never be discouraged by the words "No," "Stop That!" or "Bad Cat."

Never purr halfheartedly.

Don't worry about little things.

Don't worry about big things.

Meow and the world Meows with you, hiss and you hiss alone.

Keep everybody's secrets.

Make friends with the milkman.

Play and sleep in cardboard boxes.

Help with making the bed.

Help with making dinner.

Regard all neatly stacked piles of paper as provocation.

Don't cry over spilt milk - lap it up instead.

Make the world your scratching post.

Never sleep alone!

Become someone's friend for life.

This is my friend Tenchi


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