There is a Joy in Rescue

There is joy and peace in creating small happiness,
In taking a homeless cat under my wing;
Feeding, loving and providing for him,
Hearing him purr is worth everything.
The peace that exists in quieting his hunger,
Making his world happy and safe,
Is worth so much more than the world’s false highs and thrills,
Is worth more than anything I ever gave.
With all of the pain this world has to offer,
Its ignorance, hate and old gnawing hunger,
There is love in helping a little life.
And there is peace in hearing him purr.
Author…Michael Hathaway

Model is Roo

This photograph was taken shortly after Roo’s rescue in 2008. If you look closely you can see the swelling of his jaw before his surgery. He was pretty bad off when I rescued him, he was so severely malnourished and it had been playing havoc on his entire system, his mouth was the worst, it was very sad. Those days are behind him now but I ran across this photograph and couldn’t help but think how handsome he is, even with his little swollen mouth. He’s a good boy.
You can read about Roo’s rescue here

Roo was put to rest on November 28, 2011.
His presence in our lives is missed every single day.
Roo’s spirit taught me so much about appreciating life…right now.
His sweet soul and kind heart will live on….
for as long as I live, he shall not die.


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