My Sissy

White Cat

This is Sissy, She is Mikey's Litter Mate, his Sister.

Growing up in the shadow of a 'Rockstar Brother' (Mikey) is not easy stuff I tell ya.☺

Oh but Sissy has claimed her piece of heart that only belongs to her.

She and Mikey are as different as night and day.

Sissy is scared of her own shadow.

The only person she fully trusts is me and let me just say how much of an honor that really is.

Sissy sleeps on my pillow every single night, her head has to be touching mine and if its not she will reach out her little paw and place it on my face or shoulder....she just wants to be touching me and every time she does this she touches my heart as well.

She may not be a 'Rockstar' and model all the fancy photographs or save me every other day like Mikey does but she is in fact my friend.

A cherished Friend that means so very much to me. 

Model is Sissy

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