Meet Sheriff, he is a feral kitten that has decided he wants to keep my friend Sandy . Sandy's other cat Charlie brought the kitten home, we are not sure where the Mama is but he use to have a sibling...she hasn't seen that kitten for a while now so this poor baby has been on his own. Not anymore.
Sandy has been feeding him, trying to earn his trust but he has kept his distance. Today there was a break through....when I first got there this afternoon Sheriff ran up to me when I put my Starbucks down, he wanted my drink. Well, no coffee for baby kitties so I took off the lid which had whipped cream on it and gave it to him, he licked it clean. Then Sandy broke out with the kitty treats and it was so on, he was eating them out of her hand and we got to pet him for the first time...I am in love, he is so cute.

So.....looks like Sandy has another cat. LOL
She has the biggest heart which is why I love her so very much.

Sheriff is about 3 months old, his face looks older but he is little bitty.


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