This is how it feels sometimes....

It's life's stopwatch and it can feel cruel, unfair at times.

To be so in love with this little man and know that someday in the near future I will have to face my days without him.

Why would God allow me to love this guy so much when his life would end up being shorter than my own? Knowing that my heart will just be shattered when he leaves.

But then the memories hit me like a wave as I watch him sleeping in my lap...

So many times he has saved me from the dark, so many times he has brought laughter to my world and how he continues to brighten every single day we share together.

13 years is a long time and he is still here.
How could I ever look back on this time and feel anything but gratitude?

I have been blessed by his presence for so many years...God gave him to me because he knew I needed him.

And I will never forget that.

Model is Mikey

Mikey's House


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