cat sleeping

This is Tiggy, he belongs to my Daughter Haley.

We rescued Tiggy when he was just a baby because some jerk dropped he and his Brother Monkey off at the end of a dead end road next to a field.

As fate would have it, My Daughter was in need of some rescuing herself.

She was only 7 years old and we had lost a family member that we shared a home with her entire life.

She was pretty sad and I usually do not adopt animals during times like these but the kittens needed us too.

Well, long story short, Tiggy worked his little charm and now they are the best of friends.

Tiggy adores Haley, he sleeps with her every single night, that is his girl.

He loves me too though because I do all the feeding in this house. LOL

But he loves her more and that could not make me any happier.
Sometimes at night I peek in on them sleeping so sweetly

And I remember that day that Tiggy came home to live with us and how scared he was...

And I remember how broken my little girl was....

I am amazed how their friendship just turned them both around

Haley showed Tiggy that not all people are cruel and hateful

And Tiggy taught Haley that life does get better even after something so sad happens.

They so needed one another

Love is an amazing thing

Model is Tiggy

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