I Will Never Forget

This is Bob, he was my first friend up here in these mountains where I live now. Bob belonged to our neighbors/friends Rick and Raeanne, they live on the same property as us.
I remember the first day here 7 years ago, Bob greeted me before anyone else. A year before moving here I had lost my Rottweiler ‘Jessie’, she had been my best friend for 13 years. Bob was half Rottweiler half Lab and resembled my Jess so much, I immediately felt a connection with Bob, he made me feel at home. When my daughter and I would go for walks in the woods Bob would always accompany us, our protector and at 150 + pounds, we were definitely protected. He was huge but he was the sweetest animal, so loving, a gentle giant for sure. Bob was part of our family too, living so close back here in the woods, he was able to freely visit us any time he wished, which was often.
Bob passed away last year of old age, needless to say I was very sad to see him go, I lost a dear friend on that day.
I have many photos of Bob and you will be seeing more of him, as I am finally able to look at the photos without feeling that knot in my tummy. Seeing his face now makes me smile and I am grateful for being able to share 6 years with this incredible animal.


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