Mother's Day

Mikey's green eyes captured me as soon as he first opened them as a baby; his heart captured me during a very difficult time in my life - when my newborn son was born still. Mikey was a baby himself and he was born deaf but he knew....he knew that my heart was broken in two and he was on a mission to mend the broken pieces. Mikey followed me everywhere once I returned from the hospital and I was not alone, he slept right next me and made sure my arms were not empty.
There is no doubt in my mind that Mikey helped to pull me through that time and gave me a reason to want to wake up each day. It was the darkest time of my entire life but with Mikey and his little light, we found our way together.

Mikey is seven years old now, he continues to be source of support for me even today. Our lives are much happier now than they were then but nothing has changed with how he looks after me, Mikey loves me and he makes sure that I know.

I took this photo on Mother's Day 2008 and as beautiful as he may be on the outside, it doesn't even compare to how beautiful he is on the inside.

This is Mikey......and he is my friend.


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