The Healer

When life is an up-hill struggle,

And the tunnel goes on without end,

That is the time you discover

The love you can get from a friend.

He may not have hands that can comfort,

Or words that can soothe you and heal,

But he gives you more love and devotion

Than any mere human can feel.

He knows every mood that you’re feeling,

You don’t have to tell him a thing,

He just simply knows what you’re needing

To make your depression take wing.

With a velvet soft paw he will heal you,

His purring will lull you to sleep,

And when you have troubles that haunt you,

Be sure that your secrets he’ll keep.

The love that he gives you is endless,

Without complications and free,

When a cat chooses you as his person

That’s the sweetest of gifts there can be.

by Carol Little

Model is Sheriff , he belongs to my friend Sandy


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