Watching Angels Fly

This is one of Mikey’s favorite places to sit and gaze out the window along our stairs. On this day, my five year old Haley was playing close by and I asked her what Mikey was looking at outside because he had been there for a while looking out.
I didn’t expect the answer I received.
In a very confident way, she looked at me and said….
“He is watching the Angels Fly”
I wasn’t even sure sure what to say at that point but I caught myself looking out of the kitchen window where I was standing. LOL Haley caught me looking out too and as she walked by me on her way to her room she looked over her shoulder at me and said…
“Cats are the only one’s who can see them.”
I have no idea where this came from and I didn’t even ask her.
Now, every time one of the cats are staring out a window, I can’t help but look out there too.
Model is Mikey



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